Vincent Feeney
User Experience Designer Melbourne


Experience in agencies and startups.
Currently all about design in Enterprise. 
Harder than it sounds.

Great Ocaean Road

Currently in Melbourne.

Via Ireland.  And Canada for a bit.


Vincent Feeney

I spent four years of my life working for Apple Retail as a Genius.  This allowed me to travel from Ireland across the coasts of Canada, spending time at Apple HQ in California, before finally settling in Australia for the past five years.

I've worked as a digital producer for large corporations (like Telstra) and been the one man UX team in various agencies, as well as spending time living the start up life (#pingpong).

Currently I'm working with MYOB in Melbourne, where I'm bringing a design mindset to our enterprise division.  Building big, scary ERP applications and showcasing how design can transform an organisation.

Easy? No. Fun? Yes. 

I love mentoring students at Monash University, and have given talks at General Assembly. More recently I've started running UX classes at Academy Xi in Melboourne.  I'm involved in the Melbourne UX meetup scene, helping to host events like the UX Book Club. I recently spoke at the UX and Psychology Meetup of Melbourne too.   

Another passion of mine is sharing my thoughts online, be it on Medium publications like FreeCodeCamp or industry leading websites like Webdesignerdepot and Sitepoint.