Vincent Feeney User Experience Designer Melbourne

Paragon Care Redesign

Paragon Care: Redesign

Background of project

Paragon Care is an ASX listed company, a leader in the healthcare industry.  They've been acquiring businesses steadily over the past few years, and decided it was time to start to unify the brand and update their dated website.

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  • Re-designed website to modernise, and adapt to the company’s new identity
  • Helped to unify the brand who have made multiple acquisitions of other companies
  • User-centered design - with over 1000 products the focus was on easily finding the desired products
  • I also spent a lot of time working with the client and development team to ensure the easy import of the products from the old store
  • Information architecture - dealing with complex breadcrumb issues in existing site
  • Spent a lot of time on the experience based around ‘search’ and a good filtering system for products
  • Optimised product pages for conversions - monitoring the success of these on an ongoing basis
  • Succeeded in raising conversions by 4% (over our target)
  • Added enhanced tracking capabilities - downloads, product pages being the focus
  • Added Hotjar analytics to supplement ongoing user testin and A/B testing in Optimizely


Summary of my involvement

Initial workshops, hand drawn wireframes, hi-fi wireframes, designing internal templates, analytics responsibilities, setting up 301 redirects, meeting with client throughout project, managing the launch, tracking analytics and driving the strategy around conversions going forward