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UX on a Budget eBook

UX on a Budget eBook

There’s no excuse for having poor User Experience Design. Even a $0 budget is not an excuse.

This book covers:

  • Gaining insights through data

  • How to talk to customers without breaking the bank

  • What to do with the info you find out!

  • Basic UX tools and prototyping

  • Basic usability testing tools

  • Tracking the success of your designs

About the book:

  • 63 pages

  • Split into four sections based on the IDEO Circular Design Process

  • Released May 2017


With a focus on techniques that require little in the way of capital, this book will give you ideas that you can get into action, budget or no budget.

This is useful for those just getting started, particularly in the ‘UX team of one’ environments … hey, you don’t even need to have ‘UX’ in your job title to benefit from this book. Just as suitable for business analysts, developers or product managers who want to get a feel for some design techniques to enhance the work they do.